Advanced UX

What is User Experience?

The User Interface (UI) is the set of information displays and associated controls that your product exposes to the user. The User Experience (UX) is the holistic set of feelings - emotional, physical, intellectual, and even spiritual - that a human experiences in the course of using your product. The User Experience is of course affected by the user interface. An inefficient UI may cause physical fatigue, and an ugly UI may cause the user to dislike the product. But there are many other factors affecting the experience, from the way a customer first hears about your product to the continued sense of satisfaction (or lack thereof) that they feel after the purchase - a day, a month, a year.

What makes Advanced UX different?

Most current design consultancies fall into two camps. First, there are those that focus primarily on the visual appearance. They are mostly graphic designers who focus on the sizes, shapes, colors, fonts, and layouts of the UI. Their delivery is typically Photoshop files or HTML. Then there are those who focus on the interaction and information design. These are the ones who go in deeper to understand what the users are trying to do and remake the UI to better reflect those needs. These companies tend to employ user interface designers and user researchers as well as interactive prototypes to create mock-ups.

We think of these as "The Facial" and "The Facelift", respectively. Many firms can provide these services. And for many products, a facial or a facelift is exactly what they need. You are fixing the UI, but not addressing the UX as a whole.

But sometimes a surface treatment isn't going to do it. You need craniofacial reconstruction. And here is where Advanced UX can really shine. Advanced UX works with you all the way down into the bits. Our software architects have dozens of years of experience designing APIs, web services, network topology, real-time query solutions, and even video games. We can help you redesign the experience from the metal right up to the pixels.

When the going gets tough

For certain classes of complex software - medical, big data, analytics, programming tools, interactive monitoring & administrative tools - design solutions require deep technical knowledge in addition to design experience. Our staff spent years working in the most challenging engineering environments, designing video playback solutions for Apple to Cloud architectures for Microsoft. We have the domain knowledge to design high-performance solutions. Our customers operate in highly regulated areas like Healthcare, where patient safety and confidentiality issues must be part of a solution. That's why we have members who work with standards bodies like the American Association of Medical Informaticists to help define best practices in these complex areas. We have dozens of patents and papers published in top international journals.


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